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All general chat about anything not listed below
 #35113  by bendoverbaby
 Sat Mar 04, 2023 1:31 am
admin wrote:
upskirter777 wrote:Can anyone tell me when upskirt jerk will be ready as I want to join?

Thank you for your enquiry. We have already shot well over 100+ scenes for and lots more are being shot every week, but unfortunately the site wont be ready for another 4 weeks. However i will get some of the full scenes uploaded to some tube sites etc just to give you guys an idea of whats to come, and i guarantee (if you like the upskirt fetish), you are going to LOVE the scenes and pics :D :D :D

Two of my favourite scenes and girls on any of the sites ever are on here. :D The lovely sexy beautiful pair of Kayla and Shelley.... Kayla Louise “Revision Wank” and Shelly “Study My Stockings” pity any of the sites do not go down that road nomore ;)

I love these types too and have asked for on many occasions for more. Anna Belles “Sneaky Wank” is my personal favourite, I think it's the blonde hair and pink underwear! ;)